GCMC Academic Eligibility Policy

    School Board Policy No. 504.9D - Students involved in athletics, band, choir, plays or other activities must maintain good grades to participate.  All students will begin each school year academically eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities. Grades will be reviewed every three weeks, a period of time referred to as a ‘tri-term.’ Students receiving no failing grades on the tri-term review date will retain their eligibility to participate in extracurricular activities until the next tri-term reporting period. Students receiving one or more failing grades on the tri-term review date will not be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities the following week. Academic eligibility for these students will become a week-to-week determination until the next tri-term reporting period. Students meeting eligibility requirements at the end of the week will be allowed to participate for the following week. Students not meeting eligibility requirements will continue the period of ineligibility until such time that they meet the requirements outlined in this policy.


    Dealing with Bullying

    Bullying in Middle School is probably one of the hardest levels of aggression a young person has to face. Most kids are still at the age where they do not feel the rules of society apply to them. Penalties are not as harsh and every young person is establishing how it will go for them throughout their high school career. Parents feel they must let kids grow and parental advice is not always welcome. Finding a way to help a youngster with bullying in middle school is a little harder. The help must be more subtle and almost hands off. Peer pressure is at its worst and the need to fit in is at a dangerous level.

    Parents can help by instilling proper values and giving their children every possible tool to work with. Training is the key to helping your child avoid bullying in middle school. Teaching them they have rights and to respect the rights of others goes a long way. However, there are those that will teach their children that all that matters is what they want and this is the behavior your child will need to be braced for. People have a thousand reasons for being aggressive but all that matters to a middle school is not being affected by this aggression. Bullying in Middle School has a special culture.  —NoBullying.com


    Where Can I Find Out

         The Greene County Middle School is committed to positive communication and making accurate, timely, and relevant information available to parents, families, and community members. In an effort to help save time and frustration in locating this information, here is a list of Communication Channels that we will be utilizing during the 2016-17 school year.

         Please consider incorporating these sources into your daily or weekly routines.

    Internet Website: www.gccsd.k12.ia.us/gcms

                    This website contains daily announcements and links to teacher, counselor and principal websites. 

    Infinite Campus: www2.gccsd.k12.ia.us/campus

                    ‘Campus,’ as it is referred to, is the student information management system utilized by Greene County Schools to keep track of student contact information, grades, attendance, behavior issues, and more.  Students at the MS are given their own access and encouraged to check grades on a   weekly basis.

    Remind:  www.remind.com

                    Mr. Zanders created a Remind account in order to keep parents informed of last minute changes and reminders that sometimes get missed in other communication channels. Participants in his group receive emails or texts (or both, if desired) with this latest information. Instructions for joining this group may be found in the margin to the left and on his webpage (see above).

    Twitter:   @greenecoMS

                    A popular mode of communicating in 140 characters or less, Mr. Zanders will share ideas, articles relevant to middle school education and will re-tweet from other, school-based sources. If you're a NASCAR fan, you might also enjoy a few re-tweets from drivers and race teams. 

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com

                    Search ‘Greene County Middle School.’