• Construction Update
        Construction continues to go well on the new high school and career academy.  Sheet rock is being hung in the career academy with a majority of the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC all ran throughout the building.  Sheet rock is also being hung in the
    academic wing which will clearly define the classrooms over the next few weeks.  The concrete under the gym floor is set to be poured in mid March.  The auditorium is ninety percent enclosed.  They are currently digging out the auditorium for the orchestra pit and the tiered seating.  After the dirt is hauled out, arrangements will be made to fully enclose the auditorium.  
        I encourage everyone to go to the Greene County Schools District web page where a 360 degree tour of the construction is located.  Construction is still on schedule for completion of the career academy, academic wing, and gymnasium in August.  The auditorium is not scheduled to be completed until October.

    Career Academy
        Plans for the Career Academy strands/curriculum have been completed.  We will be providing learning opportunities for students in Advanced Manufacturing/Welding, Culinary/Hospitality, Construction, Computer Programming/Software, CNA/Health Care, and Agriculture Information Technology.  The Career Academy is a great opportunity for students to complete a yearlong program in a specific field and have the knowledge and skills to get a job in that field in Greene County immediately out of high school.  Not only can students get a good job, they will also have not accumulated any college debt.  
        More information about the Career Academy can be found on the Greene County Schools District website at the following web address:  https://www.gccsd.k12.ia.us/GCCA

    School Calendar
        Work is currently being completed on the 2020-2021 School Calendar.  Due to remodeling that will be taking place on the existing High School, the start date for Elementary and Middle School will likely be after Labor Day.  Due to additional attendance days required for the High School because of trimesters, the start date for the High School will likely be August 27th.

    Summer Lunch
        The Greene County Schools will again be participating in the summer lunch program.  We will be serving summer lunch beginning June 8th.  We are still deciding on how long the summer lunch program will last.  It may be extended due to a later start to the 2020-21 school year.  The Grand Junction Community Center will be one service location.  The Greene County Elementary will be the other service location.  Specific details will come out as we get closer to summer.