• The Greene County Community Schools are located in central Iowa, 60 miles northwest of Des Moines and 45 miles west of Ames. Within the district's four buildings, 200 staff members educate approximately 1,100 students K-12. The Greene County Community Schools are recognized by state school officials as being outstanding. Factors contributing to this success are positive community attitude and a cooperative effort among parents, staff, students, and the community.

    The mission of the Greene County Community Schools in partnership with the communities that make up the school district is to provide all students with the foundation for lifelong learning.

    This foundation is built by developing the individual and social responsibilities of students, encouraging them to make productive use of time, technology, and resources, actively engaging them through diverse instructional strategies, and encouraging them to be critical thinkers.

    To find out more about our communities visit the websites of the Greene County Chamber of Commerce, or the cities of JeffersonScranton, or Grand Junction. Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in our community.

    Tim Christensen