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    Monday, October 21, 2019

    Day A


    Mashed Potatoes


    Fruit Cocktail


    Dinner Roll



    Tuesday October 22, 2019

    Day A


    Baked Beans

    Carrot Sticks


    Fresh Grapes

    Crunch Cookies



    *Attention GCMS Students and Staff:

    October is a GREAT time to get vaccinated against the Influenza virus. Getting your vaccination is easy and quick and if you plan it well, it won't cost you anything. We want to keep everyone at GCMS healthy this year, so for those who get vaccinated by the end of October, here's an extra incentive -  Bring proof of vaccination to the GCMS office and register for prizes to be given away on November 1. Only GCMS students and staff who get a vaccination before the end of October are eligible and you must bring proof to the office - this could be a receipt, a note from your doctor, or even a selfie of you and the nurse while you get the vaccination! Bring it to the office and register to be in the drawing! Some cash prizes, some gift certificates - even food! Let's work together to keep GCMS healthy this flu season!


    *These are the times that we will be doing Quiz Bowl practice. It was the only time available that was the least interference with other classes. If you are on the team and do not want to miss your recess time, then you do not have to come. That is your choice.  This will only run until November 8th, then things will be back to normal.


    TUESDAYS 11:30-11:55         THURSDAYS 11:30-11:55

    5th Grade (Team 1)                            5th Grade (Team 2)

    Isaac Hoffman                                         Henry McGinn   

    Angel Coglizer                                        Caden Anderson

    Degan Miller                                             Zack Stalder

    Trystan Cummings                                   Evelyn Snyder  

    Brennan Jacobs                                       Autumn Barrett

    Jax Purdie                                               Adysen Gries

    Chris Velazco                                           Shawn Gordon 

    Jessie Higgins                                         Ethan Carstens   

    Lincoln Schwander                              Corbin Bellinghausen


    TUESDAYS 11:55-12:20       THURSDAYS 11:55-12:20

    6th Grade (Team 1)                 6th Grade (Team 2) 

    Chance Sanderson                                  Martin Lazano  

    Ethan Muller                                          Joshua Sparks  

    William Graham                                     Matthew Wilson  

    Mason Kinney                                        Carter Petterson

    Sophia Price                                           Austyn Smith

    Jack Banister                                         Myren Keller      

    Braelynn Rowland                                    Michael Ross  

    Daniel Cerveny                                        Nick Madsen

    Savannah Lansman                                  Michael Schell

    Aden Bardole                                           Joe Warnke




    *7 & 8th grade wrestling sign up forms are in the office. If you are interested in wrestling please see Kate for an apparel form for your warm up gear. The first day of practice will start on October 29th. All apparel orders are due the first day of practice. Wrestling fan apparel order forms will be available in the office at a later date. Please make sure you have a physical up to date. You must have a physical before practicing. 


    *Middle School Girls basketball will be starting On Monday October 28th.  We would love to see as many girls out as possible. We welcome all of you.  The season is short as it is over by December 19th. Join the RAMS and be a part of a great group of girls. Sign up sheets are in the office. 


    *Beginning Friday, Oct 18 and for all remaining home football games: 

    1.) Students in grades K-5 must attend the game with a parent. Students attempting to enter the game without a parent will not be admitted. 

    2.) Students in grades 5-8 will be expected to sit in the south bleachers and watch the game. Those who are not watching the game and/or wandering around, playing football, horsing around, etc. will be directed to leave the game immediately.

    Please plan accordingly for FB Fridays as this is a big change from past practice.


    *PICTURE RETAKES – Friday, November 8th, will be picture retakes. They will be taken first thing in the morning.


    * A reminder to the Cross Country runners...ride the bus over to Coach Marquardt's classroom at the high school and celebrate our season with pizza and pop.  Have your rides pick you up there by 4:45.  



    *Middle School boys basketball will be starting in January. Please sign up outside of Mr. Paulsens room.  We would love to see as many boys out as possible. We welcome all of you. Parent meeting will be October, 28th at the Highschool. 


    *Announcement: Attention Photography Club members, please bring your cameras or phones, if you have them, for taking pictures on Wednesday, October 23. Also, please check your email, as Mrs. Gerzema has emailed you a message. Thanks!


    • All Health and Wellness club members please wear appropriate clothing for your work out at the Rec Center on Wednesday, October 23. - Nurse Jill, & Mrs. Hoyle! 

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