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Spring News from the MS Counselors

    GCMS students have taken the fall and winter SAEBRS (Social, Academic, Emotional, Behavior Risk Screener).  The SAEBRS is a brief tool supported by research for use in universal screening for behavioral and emotional risk.  The measure falls within a broad class of highly efficient tools, suitable for teacher use in evaluating and rating all students on common behavioral criteria (Severson, Walker, Hope-Doolittle, Kratochwill, & Gresham, 2007).     It is grounded within a conceptual model, which states that a student’s success in school is not only related to his or her academic achievement, but also success within multiple  behavioral domains. This screener is being used to identify students who may need extra support, relationship building with school staff, participation in peer small groups, and/or intervention groups.
    Eighth grade students attended a Career Fair hosted by the Greene County Community Center.  Students heard from local businesses as they shared about various career paths ranging from agriculture, criminology, culinary, marketing, journalism, finance, technology, health services and manufacturing.  It was a great experience for students and we appreciate the efforts of the GCCC.
    Seventh graders at GCMS will attend Teen Maze in April.  Teen Maze is an experiential learning event that delivers powerful information to 7th grade students in Story, Boone, and Greene counties. Teens volunteer for various choices as they navigate through a life-size maze. The Maze is creative and interactive, while demonstrating the possible consequences of teen choices.  
    GCMS Student Council hosted its first Art Show & Auction during the Middle School play.  Thank you to all who supported the fine arts at GCMS and the efforts of Student Council as they use funds to plan events for their peers.
    Kindness First Wednesday is carried out during the first Wednesday of each month at GCMS.  Base Camp time is used for teachers and students to build upon the mantra that kindness is non-negotiable through discussion, activities, and videos.  Encouraging staff and students to speak and carry themselves with kindness through community-building activities inspires kindness and a positive culture.  

Karen Shannon & Deb Marquardt