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High School Blended Learning

    I am excited to announce that there will be one section of Spanish IV, Public Speaking and Government, during 2nd trimester to begin piloting blended learning. This is where students interact with course content using a combination of typical classroom instruction and using technology outside of the classroom setting.  A very big thank you to Pat Heinrichs, Amy van der Meer, Julie Carlson and Crystal Crichton for their work, willingness and courage to try this new way to engage students in the learning process.  Below is some information on the requirements of both teacher and student.

Requirements of a Blended TEACHER
•    Teachers will provide a course syllabus to the principal prior to the start of the blended course.
•    Students will be given access to the course syllabus during the first week of the course.
•    Teacher contract (and contact) hours remain the same as traditional teachers.
•    Teachers must be in the classroom and available to students every day of the week for which a Blended class is scheduled. This includes both Direct Instruction Days and Blended Release days.
•    Teachers may not excuse students from Blended Release Day attendance if the student has not met course grade requirements (C- or above), if the student has missing assignments, or if the student was absent the Direct Instruction Day prior to the Blended Release Day.

Requirements of a Blended STUDENT
•    Students are expected to attend all scheduled Direct Instruction Days of the section and any assigned Blended Release Day meetings.
•    Students with a grade of less than C-, those who have missing or incomplete assignments, or students who missed a Direct Instruction Day will be required to attend class on the Blended Release Day. Students absent on a Direct Instruction Day will be required to attend class on the Blended Release Day immediately following the absence.
•    Missing an assigned Blended Release Day will be treated the same as an absence from a Direct Instruction Day.
•    Students who meet requirements for release time during a Blended Release Day and have parental permission may choose to work in the assigned classroom, in a designated quiet work room, in the media center, or in the student center. The student may leave the building after signing out in the office. Students who do not follow these guidelines will lose the privilege of leaving the classroom on Blended Release Days. Note: Students must pick a work location the day before a Blended Release Day. Teachers will check with students the day before a Blended Release Day to verify eligibility and to get students to commit to a location for the next day’s work.