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News from the Elementary Principal

    As I write this we are nearly to winter break.  And, when you get this, it is hard to believe that we will nearly be half way through the school year.  We have had a great school year so far.  Having a good school doesn’t happen by accident.  It takes a team effort.  Thank you to the teachers, parents and especially the kids for working so hard to make the elementary a great place to learn.
    This always seems to be an especially busy time of year.  Please try to keep education as a priority as your child’s number one job is to get the best education possible.  Here are three ideas to help encourage your child to give their best effort.
    Keep it positive!  By the time most kids graduate from high school they will have heard over 15,000 negative words or phrases.  That’s why children also need to hear words of encouragement.  Examples: “You can figure it out,” “What a great listener,” “Fantastic work,” and “You’re doing better.”
    Show interest!  Let your child know you are interested in school.  Ask friendly questions, such as “Hear anything interesting today?” or “Meet anyone new?”  This keeps the lines of communication open.
    Reward progress!  Find ways (other than money) to reward your child’s efforts in school.  For example, a sleep-over or a pizza party can mean a lot to child.

A few dates to keep in mind:
    January 21 – No school at the elementary
    January 31 – 1st Annual GCE Family Fun Night
    February 26 & 28 – Parent-Teacher Conferences at the elementary
    March 1 – No school
    March 11-15 – Muffins and Math in the Morning
    March 18-22 – No School, Spring Break
    March 28 – Grades 2-4 Movement Concert