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Elementary Staff Participate in Book Study

    During the months of October and November, more than 40 staff members from Greene County Elementary participated in a book study of the book, Help for Billy, a Beyond Consequences Approach to Helping Challenging Children in the Classroom, by Heather Forbes. Leading the book study was the positive relationships committee of the Greene County Elementary Guiding Coalition which includes behavioral instructional coach, Rhonda Baker, and learning leaders: Diana Towers, Carly Tiffany-Brown, and Teresa Skalla. Without monetary compensation, both teachers and associates read and met weekly to discuss the chapters.  The group learned about the brain development of children that have experienced trauma and ways to help them find more success in the classroom.
    As part of the book study, each classroom set up a “calming area” for students to use when they are experiencing “big emotions”. The staff also learned self-regulating skills to teach and use with all students. Only calm brains learn and we want GCE to be the best learning environment for all students. Due to the request of participants, the book study group will continue meeting once a month to discuss related articles and videos.
    If any community or civic group would like a presentation about the book and book study, please contact Teresa Skalla at (515)386-4614 to make arrangements.