Staff Honors

At last month's board meeting, building principals recognized outstanding staff members from Greene County CSD. These staff members were recognized for exhibiting positive attributes in the classroom, with their students, and with their peers. Thank you to these individuals for all they do to make Greene County Community School District a wonderful place!

Pictured from left to right: school board president Bonnie Silbaugh, elementary and middle school computers teacher Erin Daniel, high school associate Jeri Gettler, elementary associate Jessica Goughner, middle school associate Karla Dzuris, middle school special education teacher Anna Kozal, and superintendent Brett Abbotts.

Not pictured: high school math teacher Luke Boyd, high school business teacher Teresa Blackburn-Bentz, high school associate Kelly Freeman, middle school  language arts teacher Tammy Mohr, middle school custodian Bobby Hunt, elementary instructional coach Shannon Hansen, and elementary custodian Robert Hemping.