ESSER II and III funds from the Federal Government can be used to make updates to buildings and HVAC systems in order to help mitigate COVID and COVID related viruses.  They are also to be used to reduce the learning gap for students as a result of COVID and COVID related school breaks.


Below is the current list of usage of the funds.  We are also accepting public input related to other possible uses of the funds.  Please note that suggested uses be will evaluated to make sure they meet guidelines outlined by the Federal Government.  Suggested uses will also be evaluated as to their overall impact.  Please follow the link at the bottom to submit suggestions for possible use of ESSER II and III Funds. 


Replace the HVAC system serving the MS locker rooms

Update the HVAC system serving the former MS office area

Update the HVAC system serving the MS Auditorium

Update the HVAC controls for the three systems being replaced at the MS

Replacing the Heat Pump in the Elementary Gym

Replacing three Heat Pumps in the Elementary Hallways

Replace Elementary Cooling Tower

Update HVAC at Bus Building

Updating Student Chromebooks

Updating Teacher Chromebooks

Clevertouch Displays for Elementary and MS

Sound in MS Classrooms

Replace Carpet in Elementary Lunchroom with VCT

Update sound in Elementary Classrooms

Update MS Auditorium AV system/Equipment  

Summer School

Partner with ISU Extension for Summer Enrichment Days, STEMfest, Enrichment Camps, and Enrichment Clubs

Elementary Math Interventionist (2 year position)

MS Math Interventionist (2 year position)

School/Family Liaison (2 year position) to assist with re-integrating remote learners back to school, etc,

Contract for additional counseling services

Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

Intervention Curriculum for Math and Reading

Replacement of Elementary Classroom Heat pumps

Replacement of Teacher desktop computers

Stipends for Teachers/Staff to engage in Professional Development (Differentiation, Blended Learning, Real World Learning, Technology, Youth Mental Health First Aid Training)


Suggested use of ESSER Funds