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Student Drop Off/Pick Up at Middle School

Drop off and pick up of Middle School students before and after school will be the same as last year.  Please enter the parking lot from the east entrance and travel around the exterior of the lot dropping students off at the east end of the drive in front of the building, then exiting out the west entrance of the parking lot.  Please do not drop students off on Ram Drive.  

Unlike last year, the drive in front of the building will be open between 8:30 AM and 2:45 PM.  Please travel through the drive from west to east (enter from Ram Drive and exit through the parking lot).  Please limit use during this time to dropping off and picking up students.  If you will be at the Middle School for a longer period of time, please park in the east parking lot.  

Reminder that the entrance to the Middle School is located on the north side of the building in the middle of the building.