Greene County FFA:  State Fair

This year the Greene County FFA had seven members compete in livestock and photography. Members showing livestock included Joe Davis, Kayla Muir, and Ethan Frederick in beef cattle, Ethan Frederick in dairy cattle, Kyle Hughes in swine, Grace Curtis for goats, and Emma Halterman with horses. Victoria Peterson entered four photos as well. 

All members showed exceptionally well with a number of students entering the winner’s circle. Emma Halterman received Grand Champion in both Western Type Horses and Pony Breeds. Ethan Frederick earned Reserve Grand Champion Chianina and Honorable Mention in Junior Champion- Jersey Winter Calf. Kyle Hughes also received Grand Champion in Spot Breeding Gilt.

Additionally, five FFA members volunteered at “Little Hands on the Farm” to educate kids about the importance of agriculture. Members volunteering were Madison Grow, Carmyn Paup, Madison Higgins, Emma Stream, and Mallory Prescott. All enjoyed their experience at the fair

Emma Halterman

  • Red ribbon in Barrel Racing
  • White ribbon in Poles
  • Blue ribbon in Flags
  • 1st in Class Large Aged Ponies
  • Grand Champion Pony Breeds
  • 1st in Class Aged Geldings
  • Grand Champion in Western Type Horses
  • 2nd in Class Pony Western Pleasur

Ethan Frederick

  • 1st in Class Breeding Heifer Chianina
  • Reserve Grand Champion Chianina
  • 5th in Class Holstein Winter Calf
  • 1st in Class Jersey Winter Calf
  • Honorable Mention in Junior Champion- Jersey Winter Calf

Kyle Hughes

  • 3rd in class Commercial Breeding Gilt
  • 4th in class Commercial Breeding Gilt
  • Grand Champion in Spot Breeding Gilt
Victoria Peterson
  • Two blue ribbons for black and white photos
  • Two red ribbons for color photos

Kayla Muir

  • 1st in Class High Percent Maine-Anjou
Joe Davis
  • 4th in Class Commercial Breeding Heifers
Grace Curtis
  • 3rd in Class Doe Kids: 7-9 Month 
  • 4th in Class Yearling Does: 21-24 Months 
  • 8th in Class Buck Kids: 7-9 Month 

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