Staff Honors

At the board meeting held on Monday (11/14/2022), building principals recognized outstanding staff members from Greene County CSD. These staff members were recognized for exhibiting positive attributes in the classroom, with their students, and with their peers. Thank you to these individuals for all they do to make Greene County Community School District a wonderful place!

Pictured from left to right in the first row: 

Third grade teacher Tiffanie Flack, activities secretary Misty Bettey, IT director Brent Gerzema, and 3rd grade teacher Kevin Paulsen.

Pictured from left to right in the second row:

School board president Steve Fisher, 3rd grade teacher Ashley Miller, IJAG teacher Shawn Bennett, elementary library associate Hailey Larson, associate Jill Colpitts, 6th grade math teacher Doug Brown, and Superintendent Brett Abbotts. Not present was 3rd grade teacher Brenda Lingren.