GCHS Variety Show

On Tuesday May 3rd, the fine arts departments of Greene County High School will be presenting a variety show in the Greene County High School Auditorium at 6:30 pm. Soloists from band and choir classes will perform. Artwork will be displayed in the hallway outside of the auditorium.  

State Speech Contest students will also be perform.   Highlights will include:  poetry and lit program by Allee Hinote and Eliot Schilling; Star Wars poetry read by Gavin Vander Linden; "The Toothbrush You Just Threw Away Has Some Questions" performed by Esther Van Horn; a tongue-in-cheek All State speech entitled "Why I Hate Being A Foreign Exchange Student" by Rym Gherairi; and a short One Act play, "Ladies of the Mop" performed by Allee Hintoe, Olivia Hoyt, Eliot Schilling, and Ava Schilling.

Admission is free, so come on out and be entertained by our students!